Are you a kid?
If so, you can enter the WagiLabs “Ideas for Good” contests. These six-week competitions are a global “GuppyTank” for kids. Every contest has a new challenge question and defined entry and submission dates.
The current challenge is:
GuppyTank Kid.png

A “Selfie” is a self-portrait photograph, usually taken at arm’s length to emphasize certain body features as attractively as possible.


selfie stick idea-02.png

Show Us Your UnSelfie

“How can you use a smartphone to show ‘doing good’ in your community?”

Submission Requirements:

  1. The ideas come from kids!   

  2. The kid submitter has an adult sponsor.

  3. The sponsor submits a signed "Ideas for Good" entry form.

  4. Start Date: March 23, 2020

  5. Deadline: April 30, 2020


An all-student judging panel will pick the Top Five UnSelfies. The winning submissions are awarded $100 Visa Gift Cards. All entries are considered open-source and may be posted to showcase these acts of kindness.


Our mission at WagiLabs is to:

  1. Excite kids about social innovation and Kidpreneurship.

  2. Expand connections between kids, their community, and the world.

  3. Provide funding, mentorship, and a collaborative community for kids to develop and implement socially innovative ideas.

We hope you enter the “Ideas for Good” contest and empower your kids’ ideas to change the world!

The "UnSelfie" Idea Challenge:
Take "UnSelfie" photographs or videos of your family members, neighbors, and service providers doing good for your community in this time of need.